Terms of Use

These terms of use are subject to changes without prior notice. ShweBiz Online ("We") provides our services on "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. ShweBiz Online, any of its employees or management may not be held responsible or thus liable for any possible damages resulting in use or misuse of any information, content or products provided by us.

ShweBiz Online may make changes to any services or to the prices for any reasons at any time without prior notice.


Quotation is valid for 14 days and it may be changed after 14 days. If you do not commence the project within 14 days, please contact us again for new quotation.

Project Scope

Before commencement of project, all the features and functions included in the project will be listed down and agreed by both parties. There may be additional charges if the scope is changed.


ShweBiz Online accepts payments by cheque, cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

Project Contents

All contents required for projects are to be provided by the client and are not included in project scope. Clients are required to proofread and edit their own contents. ShweBiz Online is not responsible for proofreading and editing of contents provided by the client. There may be additional charges if we need to proofread and edit the contents.

Classified and Directory Systems

Classified and Directory Systems used for our clients are developed and owned by ShweBiz Online. ShweBiz Online strictly prohibits the redistribution or resale of our systems with/without modifications. We will take legal action against any users who are found to be pirating ShweBiz Online systems.