Email Marketing

Why do you need email marketing for your company?

Nowadays, almost everyone is connecting through emails all the time, be it for work or for personal. With email marketing, you will be able to choose your target audience and customize your contents according to your audience group, location or current season of the year. You will be able to build relationships with your potential, current or past customers as if you are presenting your products and services directly to them at their convenient time and place.

Moreover, email marketing is the most cost effective channel to promote your business. Last but not least, you will be able to track and measure your email campaigns and its effectiveness to improve your marketing strategy.

Email Statistic







We are offering one-stop solutions for your email marketing needs with tracking reports.

Choose the price plan suitable for your audience.

No. of Emails Price
0 to 500 US$ 25.00
up to 1000 US$ 42.00
up to 3000 US$ 100.00
up to 5000 US$ 125.00
up to 10K US$ 169.00
up to 25K US$ 250.00

  • There is no set-up cost and no hidden cost.
  • Just need to provide email list and email body.

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